Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Sorry to have disappeared off of the face of the earth, but the zine is DONE and I couldn't be happier with it. I will be donating copies to Austin's BookWoman ASAP, I just have to finish putting the last ones together. The next issue will be out soon, so stay tuned to this website, where I will post the new theme and beg everyone for submissions again:) If you have a theme idea, please post it here. I am very, very open to suggestions.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Hoping for good things.

Hey all,
Your friendly compiler Cat here! I hope everyone is working on their submissions for the zine - that's probably my biggest worry right now. A close second is trying to find someone who can help me translate my submission request into Spanish. That was my initial intent, but I'm now worried that I'm not going to have enough time to get that done and really get any submissions. I'm wishing I had started this project a few months ago so that I could really guarantee lots of submissions. The next time I do a zine, I won't have a school deadline and the stress factor will be a little different! Anywho, I've somehow acquired some kind of strep throat, which is terribly unfortunate because I have so much else I want to be doing that doesn't involve taking two penecillin capsules every day. I'll be the opposite of contagious in 44 hours though!
For now, stay healthy,
<3 Cat

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Submissions requested!

It's ready!

Hey Women!
Submissions needed for a brand new zine.
This is a call for all women to submit creative entries to be included in the first issue of Cat Fight, a zine for women fighting to be heard.

Who? YOU, woman!

What? Creative content on this topic: what do you think of women’s real relationships with one another today?
This can be an anecdote, personal theory, poem, song, painting, picture, or any other submission you can think of. The only limitation is size: no larger than an 8 ½ by 11 in. piece of paper.

When? Submissions are due back on November 30th.

Where? Send submissions either online to Caitlin’s e-mail, through the mail to her address, or hand it to her in-person; set up a meeting place by calling her!

Caitlin’s contact info:
E-mail –
Phone – 210.393.9052
For address, please call.

Why? This zine needs YOU to exist! This is a great opportunity to share something you’ve already created with others, or to express how you view women’s relationships today. Submissions will NOT be altered, although (depending on volume) not all submissions are guaranteed inclusion. Every participant will receive a copy of the zine for free, and the rest of the copies will be donated to Austin’s own woman-loving bookstore, Book Woman!

Call or e-mail if you have any questions, and start working on those submissions!

A little nervous!

I'm working on my submission template for the first issue of Cat Fight, and I'm a little nervous. I want to be sure to use inclusive language, to distribute properly, and hopefully, encourage tons of submissions! I've been putting it off, to some extent, because of my fear that I might mess up. I'm a horrible perfectionist. I think this is a case where I'm going to have to just jump in!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One woman, one quest: to effect change.

Here it is, my first post! This blog, initially, is intended to chronicle my first ever journey into the land of zine-making. My zine, Cat Fight, is currently only a conception, but I inted to make something quite beautiful out of it, with the help of as many women as can contribute! The reason I chose the name "Cat Fight" for my zine is because I want to reclaim the term and associate it with a different kind of energy. I think it's silly to compare men to dogs and women to cats, because people's individual attributes can't be generalized in this manner. However, I particularly don't like the idea of a "cat fight," e.g., a fight between and among women. Thus, this is a different kind of "cat fight." This zine is intended to fight back within patriarchal society; it is intended to question the ideologies we are brought up to ingest as "norms." This zine is intended to give a voice to women, who are still horrendously underrepresented in their vast variety in the mass media. It will be a space for women to say exactly what they think and feel, uncensored. My first issue will also be used to support Book Woman, Austin's only feminist bookstore (and, if I remember correctly, the only feminist bookstore in Texas. Do correct me if I am wrong, and oh, I hope I am.) I'm a little nervous taking the helm of this project; I don't necessarily believe I am a worthy compiler of women's history. But I figure I can at least do my part in attempting to distribute different female perspectives, since I have (fiscally limited) means to do so. I'll be back soon, because I inted to begin working on my Issue One Submission Template very soon. Until then, embrace yourself and support your community!