Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One woman, one quest: to effect change.

Here it is, my first post! This blog, initially, is intended to chronicle my first ever journey into the land of zine-making. My zine, Cat Fight, is currently only a conception, but I inted to make something quite beautiful out of it, with the help of as many women as can contribute! The reason I chose the name "Cat Fight" for my zine is because I want to reclaim the term and associate it with a different kind of energy. I think it's silly to compare men to dogs and women to cats, because people's individual attributes can't be generalized in this manner. However, I particularly don't like the idea of a "cat fight," e.g., a fight between and among women. Thus, this is a different kind of "cat fight." This zine is intended to fight back within patriarchal society; it is intended to question the ideologies we are brought up to ingest as "norms." This zine is intended to give a voice to women, who are still horrendously underrepresented in their vast variety in the mass media. It will be a space for women to say exactly what they think and feel, uncensored. My first issue will also be used to support Book Woman, Austin's only feminist bookstore (and, if I remember correctly, the only feminist bookstore in Texas. Do correct me if I am wrong, and oh, I hope I am.) I'm a little nervous taking the helm of this project; I don't necessarily believe I am a worthy compiler of women's history. But I figure I can at least do my part in attempting to distribute different female perspectives, since I have (fiscally limited) means to do so. I'll be back soon, because I inted to begin working on my Issue One Submission Template very soon. Until then, embrace yourself and support your community!

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